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Unversal Gas and Electric Complaint Site

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If you have been taken in by Universal Gas & Electric Consumer Protection Plan we want to hear from you. Be sure to sign our guestbook & list your complaints.
We are planning a class action suit against this company & your input will be helpful

Our Mission

They are guilty of misleading & entrapment.
They caught me in my drive way as I was leaving promising me the lowest prices for natural gas saying the cost would never go up for five years. Then called me on my cell phone to confirm their promises.
I was unaware of their outrageous cost until I got my $400. Gas bill this month! When I tried to cancel their services they told me it would cost me another $250 for that privlege! They charge almost double what Consumer Energy charges.

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Class Action Suit pending

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List your complaints on our message board & guestbook

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lawyers address avaiable soon